Re: [Nautilus-list] Allowing view components to provide editing (UI and architecture issues)

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

> | The Text Viewer has unsaved changes for the file      |
> | /tmp/hit-list.txt. Save before changing locations     |
> | to "";?                |
> |                                                       |
> |              [ Yes ] [ No ] [ Don't change views]     |
> |                                                       |
> +-------------------------------------------------------+
> The wording in these dialogs is a very rough cut (Darin, Andy, or any
> other usability experts lurking on this list, do you have suggested
> improvements?) Also, I'm not sure if offering three options is best
> here.

Putting aside the wider usability issues of being able to edit text in
the preview pane or not, it's usually a poor idea to have "Yes" and "No"
buttons in a message box.  So you'd probably want something like:

	You have made changes to filename.txt.  
	If you want to keep them, you must 
        save this file now.
	[Save] [Don't Save] [Cancel]

Or, if you want to be consistent with the more Mac-alike button ordering
that's been proposed for 2.0, rather than with the rest of Nautilus:

	[Cancel] [Don't Save] [Save]


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