Re: [Nautilus-list] Background Size

i'm not sure this is the case.
here is my exact scenerio:

- working at 1024x768
- halt computer
- boot up later (no external monitor) at 800x600
- if nautilus is disabled from drawing my desktop, the background image is
drawn and scaled properly, using Ximian GNOME
- if nautilus is NOT disabled, and draws my desktop, the background image is
drawn and scaled as if it's still at 1024x768.

nautilus draws _over_ what GNOME draws, and i can see GNOME has drawn it
properly before nautilus does it's drawing. so this leads me to believe it's
a bug with nautilus.

Jamie LaScolea
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| > By this do you mean that your desktop background image isn't being
| > scaled to fit the screen or that there are icons that are in the bottom
| > right corner of the screen at 1024x768 that are hidden at 800x600?
| Actually.. I'm beginning to think that he may be experiencing the limits
| of X. X cannot really change resolution dynamically, so if a user switches
| between 1024x768 and 800x600 with for instance ctrl-alt-+/-, the desktop
| will still be the size of the first resolution listed under that
| color-depth in XF86Config. This would mean that the desktop is still 1024
| pixels wide, but the resolution 800x600.. this is solved with
| virtual-screen (scrolling).
| The solution is to change the values and restart X every time you need to
| change resolution properly.
| >> howdy,
| >> i am new to ximian gnome (and Linux in general) and have a question
| >> concerning how Nautilus draws the background. i use it on a laptop that
| I'm sorry if the above solution isn't applicable, but you stated that you
| were new to Linux in general, and this is something plenty of newbies have
| problems with.
| Gaute

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