Re: [Nautilus-list] Blank screen

I had a similiar problem so I upgraded bonobo and that fixed it. What
version of bonobo do you have installed?

On 01 Aug 2001 08:04:10 +0200, Jan Stocker wrote:
> Hi,
> i have the problem that nautilus only displays a blank screen after start. I
> can do the first time wizard install and then only a grey full screen window
> appears. The only warning i got is that /proc/mounts cant be open (cause
> this does not exist for my system).
> Anyone know about this problem?
> Maybe oaf of bonobo doent run correctly? But the xml files and oaf files
> were found, because if not there will be some more errors, also the pixmaps
> had been loaded. Can anyone tell me how to test oaf and bonobo for their
> funtionality?
> Jan
> _______________________________________________


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