[Nautilus-list] NAUTILUS SUGGESTION (fwd)


I recieved this email which does not concern me, just passing it on to
the right place.

- Shane

Shane Butler <sbutle deakin edu au>

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 23:22:11 +0200
From: matooo <matooo uk2 net>
To: sbutle deakin edu au

Hope You're the right person to contact (from list looks like it)

I'm enjoying Nautilus since 0.6 release, it's probably the greatest
thing happened in Linux! Great job I must admit! Hat's down.

I'm interested why You force "root warning"! I use it as my main desktop
manager and feel really anoyed by it!

Don't say that I shouldn't run as root, in my line of business it's not
possible to run otherwise! I'm managing network computers on several
company locations and offices. I'm also programming deamons for
networking. Runing as user wouldn't do it. All of my friends who are in
same line of work are complaining about same little thing. THAT ANNOYING
MESSAGE. Could You at least offer a chance to turn it off? Please?
Please and Please again?

It would be usefull since.
People with root password are
1) working at home on their computers and do not need forced reminding.
2) have enough knowledge for firm to trust them with root password, that
means they must know what they are doing

Offer at least one way to remove the message

Thanks and sorry to bother you!

Best regards Matjaz
matooo uk2 net

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