Re: [Nautilus-list] paypal

On 23 Apr 2001 11:42:08 -0700, Bart Decrem wrote:
> I agree with Darin.  It's really encouraging to see the 3 Ps coming
> in: patches, positive feedback and paypal payments.
> I also want to confirm that funds received into our Paypal accts are used to
> pay people's salaries (well, minutes of them:) - if we were to go out of
> business, I'm pretty sure it would be illegal to transfer these funds outside
> of the company (there's strict rules about which creditors receive priority
> etc.).  So if you'd like to support free software in general, consider
> supporting the Free Software Foundation ( or another non-profit
> endeavor.
> But if you like Nautilus or Eazel Services and would like to pay for them, pls
> send in your payments via paypal (paypal eazel com).  We'll send a tshirt to
> anyone who contributes at least $20 (make sure to specify your size and
> mailing address),

Hi Bart,

I've already discussed the matter in mails with Darin. I was under the
(obviously wrong) impression that Eazel is "on the ropes", as the title
of the slashdot story went were I first read about the paypal account.
Darin clued me in somewhat, and armed with this knew knowledge none of
the things I wrote before make any sense. I wish you good luck, my
donation is coming :)


I did not vote for the Austrian government

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