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Em 21 Apr 2001 15:22:07 -0300, Evandro Fernandes Giovanini escreveu:
> just a few observations about your comments:
> - GNOME doesn't (or shouldn't) depend on _any_ company to survive.
> without ximian and eazel things will go slower, but will go;

Shouldn't. But GNOME depends. Like KDE is starting to be dependent on
theKompany. Like GCC is dependant on Cygnus, ops, RedHat.
And that's not a bad thing.

On a small Open Source project, you can do it on your spare time and
keep working elsewhere. But then, that little thing becomes big - and
you suddenly discovers that you need more time to work on it. What you
do? A company to support the project. So a company can employ hackers
full-time so they can concentrate themselves on hacking.

But a company also make PR of the project. That's something GNOME made
so well - I wonder if Sun and HP would join the GNOME camp if they see
only a bunch of hackers and not an organizing community - so organized
they can make their own enterprises.

And what's more: companies can coordinate efforts. And, on this matter,
I think Eazel made a great job. I was happy when I saw some screenshots
on a review of Windows XP made by Brazilian PC Magazine and said, "hm,
Nautilus does it" :-)

Dammit, why Brazilian real devaluated so much against US dollar past
week? :(((

> - Ximian does more than Evolution. They pay people to mantain bonobo and
> other projects that are part of GNOME. Having said that, i agree that
> Evolution shouldn't be an Outlook clone.
Cloning Outlook is not a bad thing indeed. I like the idea of a PIM. I
dislike some policies that Outlook took, like running anything with a
executable extension. But that hopefully won't happen in Evolution.

Cesar Cardoso - cesarcardoso ig com br - ICQ 32237133

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