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Ximian and Eazel are just about the last two companies left that care
about Linux on the desktop. RedHat's Matthew Szulik was quoted in the
current issue of Linux Magazine as saying about RedHat's decision not to
buy Corel, "...Microsoft had 92 percent of that category. We didn't
think it was a very forward-looking category. A lot of smarter people
than us fought that war and lost." Most of GNOME's other financial
contributors (IBM, Sun, etc.) don't care much for the desktop either. I
hope that Eazel (or at least its developers) can hold on. GNOME as a
desktop platform is pretty much dead otherwise, since Ximian doesn't
have a desktop to write apps for without an actively maintained
Nautilus. Plus, Eazel is the only GNOME company I've seen anything
_original_ out of. Yes, we do need a component architecture and an
Outlook clone, but if that's all that GNOME has to offer on the desktop,
why not just use Win2K?


Simos Xenitellis wrote:
> On 21 Apr 2001, Mario Vukelic wrote:
> > On 20 Apr 2001 17:27:27 -0700, Darin Adler wrote:
> > > on 4/20/01 4:43 PM, Watson at demoryw pacbell net wrote:
> > >
> > > > I have signed up for a paypal account but before I send any actual money
> > > > I want to confirm that it was really going to eazel.
> > >
> > > Yes, it's really Eazel.
> >
> > Sorry, I need to follow up. I'm about to open a paypal account, but I
> > have a question: What will happen to the donated money if it's not
> > possible to keep eazel afloat? Will it go to some Free Software
> > organisation or will it simply disappear?
> I believe that once you donate the money, they will be used
> in any case for the purposes of Eazel.
> Thus, before donating, you should think if during the time you have spent
> on Nautilus you managed to get something back in the form of
> knowledge, experience or something else, then valuate what you got
> and make a donation depending on that value.
> Doing this, you will not lose in any case.
> simos
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