[Nautilus-list] Nautilus 1.0.3 Translations


The Nautilus team is planning to freeze Nautilus on Monday, April 30th and
to release Nautilus 1.0.3 on Monday, May 7.  We would like translators to
update their translations by the code freeze date, April 30.  

(If there are string changes close to the code freeze date, we will delay
the deadline for translations a couple days.)

PO files
A couple parts of Nautilus with strings have been split off into their 
own modules. They are:

	trilobite	These are the Nautilus services.  The relevant 
			translations were split off from HEAD into this 
			module.  If translators made any updates to 
			these strings in the nautilus-1 branch, they 
			may need to manually merge their updates into 
			trilobite HEAD.

	eel		Eazel Extension Libraries.  Only 28 strings, 
			taken from Nautilus HEAD, similar to how it
			was done for trilobite.

Translators should work on po files in the following modules:

     Package        Branch    Strings    New    Fuzzies
     -------       --------   -------    ---    -------
     Nautilus        HEAD       1702      65      112
     trilobite       HEAD        375       0*      16*
     gnome-vfs       HEAD        311       0        0
     eel             HEAD         28       7*       1*
     ammonite        HEAD         23       0        0

     TOTAL:                     2439      72      129

                   [*] Strings were taken from Nautilus HEAD
                   (New and Fuzzies are relative to the branches 
                    used for 1.0.2. Numbers are estimates;)

Because translators are moving from the nautilus-1 branch back onto 
HEAD, most translators will want to copy the po file from the stable 
branch and do an 'xml-i18n-update' before beginning to translate.

Data Files
ScrollKeeper has an XML data file which needs to be translated.  It has 
not changed since Nautilus 1.0, so if you translated it in the past you
should not need to update it.  It is in GNOME CVS at:

We currently have the following translations: da, de, el, es fr, hu, ja,
nl, no, pt_BR, ru, sk, sl, sv, tr.  Note that some of these are

Nautilus has 3 documents which should be translated:
	1) "Nautilus Quick Reference"
	2) "Nautilus User Manual"
	3) "Nautilus Release Notes"

These documents will experience some revision before the Nautilus 1.0.3
release.  I will send out another email next week about when these documents
will freeze. I will also post some guidelines to help translators create

Thanks for your help!


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