[Nautilus-list] paypal


I know that this question is not really related to nautilus development,
however I haven't been able to find any other place where I can contact
someone from eazel...  Anyway here goes:

Can someone confirm the following post on slashdot today:

"Hi folks, By popular request, we have set up a Paypal account. If
you're a happy user of Nautilus or Eazel's services, or just want to
make a contribution to support us, please send payments to
paypal eazel com  We'll send a tshirt to anyone who contributes at least
$20 (if you'd like one, make sure to include your mailing address and
specify a size). Cheers, Bart Decrem"

I have signed up for a paypal account but before I send any actual money
I want to confirm that it was really going to eazel.

BTW, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to put a note verifying this
payment method on the eazel website....


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