Re: [Nautilus-list] Patch : Mandrake customization in Nautilus

on 4/20/01 2:30 AM, Frederic Crozat at fcrozat mandrakesoft com wrote:

> Hi,
> here are current modifications we've made to Nautilus in order to get it
> work better 
> with Mandrake 8.0 (which has been released yesterday). They are against
> and apply also against 1.0.2. Some have already been merged by Nautilus
> hackers, therefore I don't add them in this mail :)
> I think some (or maybe all) could be merged in Nautilus main tree.. :
> *nautilus-1.0-gmc : this patch enable nautilus to run gmc desktop
> scripts if no .gnome-desktop exist when importing gmc desktop :

Here are my thoughts on the patches:

1) Patch to do a better job with .gnome-desktop.

For this, I'm going to wait until after Miguel integrates his patch. I think
his might make yours unnecessary. I'm not sure.

2) Patch to fix problem with URL desktop entries in nautilus-link.c.

I'm rolling this one in today (actually did it differently, but same fix).

3) Patches to not make service items if services are not installed:

These same problems are addressed in a new way in Nautilus 1.0.3 so the
patches don't apply any more. The services are now in the separate trilobite
package and there's a clean way to check if they are there. There might be
some problems still around, but if so we'll have to fix them another way for

4) Patch to add a "--nodesktop" option to Nautilus.

If we do roll this in, we'd call it "--no-desktop". I'm still confused about
how you use this. You say that KDE users "want to test Nautilus and we don't
want to hide their desktop, even if their GNOME settings are to use Nautilus
to display Desktop". So this option is used in menus that show up in KDE,
but not GNOME?

5) Patch to remove scrollkeeper-update.

I'd like to hear what Dan Mueth has to say about this. I don't know what the
issues about "generating rpms as simple user" are.

    -- Darin

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