[Nautilus-list] Re: Tweaking MIME info to make web page view work better

Le 20 Apr 2001 09:49:50 -0700, Darin Adler a écrit :
> > I thing we should add a nautilus.keys in /usr/share/mime-info (or patch
> > gnome-vfs.keys) with
> > the following lines :
> > 
> > text/html
> >       default_action_type=component
> >       
> > default_component_iid=OAFIID:nautilus_mozilla_content_view:1ee70717-57bf-4079-
> > aae5-922abdd576b1
> > 
> > This ensures mozilla component is used by default for viewing html (I
> > had to add this in Mdk Nautilus package
> > because a lot of people where reporting html was shown as text :((
> Sounds wrong to me.
> There's already an entry in gnome-vfs.keys for text/html, and it has
> default_action_type=component. And the mozilla content view is listed first
> in all the default component lists.
> The default_component_iid is an obsolete attribute that was used by older
> versions of Nautilus and gnome-vfs, but it is no longer looked at by
> Nautilus at all as of 1.0. Instead, the first item in the short list that is
> present is the default.
> So adding this file to the Mdk Nautilus package would do no good. Do you
> have any confirmed cases where this fixed the problem where HTML was shown
> as text? If so, we can try to figure out why it helped.

I can confirm the problem.. But I thing I now why we had it  :
until bonobo 1.0.2, bonobo was providing its own bonobo.keys and a
which was handling text/*
And it seems bonobo text component was always handling text/html until
users "force"
using HTML view in web pages...

About the default_component_iid, I added it because when settings the
good parameters
in gnome-vfs capplet, ~/gnome/mime-info/user.keys was containing it. I'm
not a gnome-vfs
expert (as you might have guessed :))...

I'll do more test with bonobo 1.0.2

Frédéric Crozat

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