[Nautilus-list] Tweaking MIME info to make web page view work better

> I thing we should add a nautilus.keys in /usr/share/mime-info (or patch
> gnome-vfs.keys) with
> the following lines :
> text/html
>       default_action_type=component
> default_component_iid=OAFIID:nautilus_mozilla_content_view:1ee70717-57bf-4079-
> aae5-922abdd576b1
> This ensures mozilla component is used by default for viewing html (I
> had to add this in Mdk Nautilus package
> because a lot of people where reporting html was shown as text :((

Sounds wrong to me.

There's already an entry in gnome-vfs.keys for text/html, and it has
default_action_type=component. And the mozilla content view is listed first
in all the default component lists.

The default_component_iid is an obsolete attribute that was used by older
versions of Nautilus and gnome-vfs, but it is no longer looked at by
Nautilus at all as of 1.0. Instead, the first item in the short list that is
present is the default.

So adding this file to the Mdk Nautilus package would do no good. Do you
have any confirmed cases where this fixed the problem where HTML was shown
as text? If so, we can try to figure out why it helped.

    -- Darin

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