Re: [Nautilus-list] changing view type

on 4/20/01 9:19 AM, Evandro Fernandes Giovanini at efgbr terra com br wrote:

>> The default type for any folder with MP3s is the music view. But you can
>> easily change that with the dialog you get when you choose "View as..." from
>> the View as menu. Each viewer can be set to appear or not appear for folders
>> by type.
> most mp3's i have don't have useful information tags so it's easier for
> me to browse by their file names. i can change the view type for each
> dir, but i think the use of music-view as default should be an option.

It is already an option, although that may not be obvious enough.

Go into a folder that is doing View as Music. Choose "View as...". Select
View as Music and then "Modify". Change it to "Include in the menu for
'folder' items". Then "OK" and "Choose".

Now go visit other music folders. You'll see that they default to View as
Icon, not View as Music.

I just tried it so I know that it works at least for me.

    -- Darin

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