[Nautilus-list] Getting the Mozilla-based web page view working (was Nautilus & Internet)

on 4/20/01 5:55 AM, Roberto at robyegiuly libero it wrote:

> I can't see in Nautilus the HTML files as a normal browser.
> It says me that It has encountered a problem.
> Why?
> I've got Nautilus-Mozilla installed

There are some good resources for you before the people on this list get
involved. Once you have Mozilla 0.8 installed (other versions don't work
with with Nautilus 1.0 and newer), you should look there. At the Eazel
support page <http://www.eazel.com/support> there are a bunch of places to
get help, including the Nautilus FAQ:


The FAQ has a section on getting the web page view working.

    -- Darin

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