Re: [Nautilus-list] changing view type

on 4/19/01 6:54 PM, Evandro Fernandes Giovanini at efgbr terra com br wrote:

> when browsing a dir with some mp3's the view type automatically changes
> to the music view. also, nautilus is changing the view type to list view
> in some dirs without my request.

The default type for any folder with MP3s is the music view. But you can
easily change that with the dialog you get when you choose "View as..." from
the View as menu. Each viewer can be set to appear or not appear for folders
by type.

When you visit a normal directory folder it should be View as Icon unless
you have visited it before or tinkered with the default settings. If a
folder you have never visited before shows up as View as List, then you have
a strange bug that we should diagnose and fix.

> btw, what files are used to store this kind of information about a
> specific dir?

The setting is stored in metadata. This is stored either in a file named
.nautilus-metafile.xml in the folder itself, or in a specially-named file in
the .nautilus/metafiles directory for folders where you don't have
sufficient access privileges to write a file into the folder.

    -- Darin

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