[Nautilus-list] Suprise

Hello to all,

I am suprised of the things went after installation of Nautilus 1.0. The
reasons for this are:

	1. all former icons have been killed and could be recovered till
	now ! Did anybody experienced something similar !

	2. short after experimenting with Nautilus the "medusa-indexd" 	started
to attack my patient. It was running not only in 	background but also
while I was surfing in WWW.

	3. Performance of Natilus is a sacrifice (Min.presumed 32MB 	RAM)! I am
running here RH7.0 shipped by 128RAM, 300Mhz PII MMX,

Please give me a direct note because I am not subscribed to this list. I
am interested in comments (of cause on tips /tricks) relating
performance (any hidden features to unleash power, I guess 32RAM should
be a running gag!?) and creating icons with original xpm's of
Non-Gnomme- Application i.e. StarOffice. Latter refused to cooperate
after clicking an newly created icon on Nautilus-Desktop)


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