Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

Iain wrote:

~/evolution and ~/Nautilus should be changed to dot files anyway. I
don't know if netscape can easily be changed to use ~/.nsmail.
Sure, just edit the source . . . . um, ya. . no source . . .

Or just put a . in front of the nsmail in the preferences dialog box. Or
edit the ~/.netscape/preferences.js file

But the preferences box way might be easier.

I can't remember the correct page of the preferences box, but if you
really want I can look for it.

Yes, it isn't that hard to change it. For me. Or for you. But I wouldn't want to tell my mom how to!

Due to Netscape's licensing agreement, you cannot just alter it before distribution either. You'd have to write a script to "post-install" it. Move the directories and add the dots in preferences.js.

But wouldn't it make more sense to just leave the unix home directory where it is?!


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