Re: [Nautilus-list] Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

> Yeah, you could make exactly the same argument to justify 8.3 file
> naming schemes. If you want to stick to arcane legacies like that, not
> using uppercase letters in directory names is the way to go. If you
> want to create a user friendly system, your argument doesn't fly at
> all.

try storing a file with a capital letter on a filesystem that doesn't
support caps.  there are very good reasons to do so.  do you really want
to break compat for the sake of "ease of use" when you could simply make
things hidden files and be done with it?

and what about making nautilus run on non-perfectly posix
platforms?  shooting yourself in the foot at this stage (before it gets
entrenched as a 'normal' place to store the desktop data) is kinda silly.

in general, if you're breaking backwards compat you're probably also
breaking any possibility of a simple port to a system that doesn't
precisely meet your expectations of what will be available.  in general,
you're assuming a filesystem that looks like UFS/FFS or ext2.  i think
this is a really silly thing to do.


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