Re: [Nautilus-list] a few small bugs with current snapshot

on 4/12/01 10:21 PM, Ryan Muldoon at rpmuldoon students wisc edu wrote:

> 1. Using the search feature crashes nautilus completely.  I'd imagine
> that this is due to transitions with medusa and such.....

I haven't seen this. It might be useful to track down what's crashing and
write a bug report.

> 2. I really like the idea of the new preferences.  If I change my
> default icon view zoom to 150%, though, my desktop tries to get bigger,
> and ends up with a scrollbar on it.  probably not the right thing. ;-)

Yes, that's <>, which I'll try
to fix today or Monday.

> 3. I love the list view, except that it has an arbitrary cutoff point fo
> how wide columns can get, which is annoying when I have long file
> names....if that size were increased, or the limit removed, I would have
> nothing at all to complain about with the list view.

OK. That's <>.

> 4. (I reported this as a bug earlier tonight) The up arrow should have a
> right-click menu like the forward and back buttons.  It the menu's
> contents would be all of the directories above the current directory.
> So, if I'm in /home/ryan/documents, the menu would have /home/ryan,
> /home, and /.  I think it would be a pretty useful feature, and probably
> not too hard to add.

Nice idea for a new feature.

Thanks for the feedback!

    -- Darin

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