[Nautilus-list] Re: Integration of gmc and nautilus desktop directories.

> > We are shipping this in the upcoming Ximian GNOME release, together
> > with the gmc patches that accompany it (some gmc pieces are already on
> > cvs).
> What is the benefit of this over the Nautilus first-time druid?

You can go back and forth between the file managers.  Try Nautilus go
back to gmc.  Use gmc, go back to Nautilus.  If you are on a network,
you can use workstations that use both gmc and nautilus as the default
desktops.  If you place files on the desktop, files appear on both.
If you have files on your desktop, they are not lost when you migrate
to nautilus.

> Thats gonna kill battery life on laptops - could you make this a preference
> rather than hard-coded?

That would be the case if your kernel is MS-DOS, on Unix systems the
information would be kept in the buffer cache.  So unless there are
changes to the directory, the stat() syscall wont even touch the hard

> Have patches gone into GMC to recognise Nautilus links and update Nautilus
> icon metadata?

They have not got in because I did Nautilus first.  GMC has 5 out of
the 7 cases done.  I am just missing handling a couple of cases
(normal object links and updating nautilus metadata for icon position
changes and icon assigning)

The desktop-reload patch has already gone into cvs.


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