[Nautilus-list] naultilus thoughts and issues

I just tired the nautilus 1.0 test package on my
custom redhat 7 box.  I used the automated installer.

Here are my thoughts and concerns:

1. Whatever packages it installed managed to break
gnome-terminal.  When you attempt to launch
gnome-terminal, it fails saying something like
xvt_term: function not defined (I can't remember the
exact message, I'll check when I get home).

2. Whatever it installed seems to have gotten rid of
the applications item in the gnome-controlpanel (the
applet where you specify what apps you want to have
start up when you start gnome).

3. Mozilla.  Afer installing Nautilus, and testing
some web pages using the integrated mozilla component,
when I run mozilla now, all the buttons that used to
be on the toolbar (back, forward, print, home, etc.)
are gone except for stop and reload.  I've trid to get
them back, but I've had no luck.

4. The window that nautilus puts over the root window
when you set it to control the root window, is not
really the root window, so apps that draw on the root
window (xsnow, xfishtank, other hacks) can't be seen
if you have nautilus set to control the root window. 
Rather they are running in the real root window behind
the nautilus root window. Would it be possible to have
it act more like gmc in regard to the root window?

5. If you disable nautilus control of the root window,
then close all open nautilus windows, how do you get
back to nautilus?  The process and associated daemons
are still running, but there seems to be no way to
access it.  Running nautilus from the gnome menus,
just seems to start another nautilus process, but does
not produce a nautilus window.  Is it possible to run
nautilus like this?  As per the above concern, I
rather not have nautilus draw the root window, but I'd
still like to use it to browse my files.

6. It seems like it would be pretty easy to add a
"close window" item to the file menu, I prefer that
paradigm for closing windows

Thanks and keep up the good work,


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