Re: [Nautilus-list] Quit/Desktop interaction

On Wed, 31 May 2000 11:22:40 +0300
 Ali Abdin <ALIABDIN aucegypt edu> wrote:
#>     1) What should the name of the "get rid of desktop" menu item? Do we
#> need an item like this right there in the right-click menu or should it be
#> elsewhere?
#'Remove Desktop Icons' - I thought of 'Remove Desktop' but that sounds 
#odd, 'Quit Desktop' or 'Shutdown Desktop' might make a user think it 
#shuts down 'X' entirely (which it doesn't). 
#>     2) Better name for the --desktop option?

Activate / Deactivate Desktop OR 
Turn On/Off Interactive Desktop

#--with-desktop? --with-root-window? --root-window? (the --with stuff 
#reminds me of ./configure scripts)
#>     3) Should we have some way of explicitly creating the window pointing at
#> the home directory, even when also passing the --desktop option?
#You don't really need that i think. I always remember when GMC starts up 
#(for the first time), it opens up the GMC window - Its annoying, I always 
#close it. By default the desktop should be there, if I then want to open 
#the file manager, I can do it myself. 

I agree with's annoying....even though it's possible to not show it on
start up but you must first save the session.  I don't think too many people
will have trouble finding "file manager" to start it up on their own...when they
want/need to use it.

#I mean look at the 'Mac' for example, when you start the desktop, it 
#doesn't automatically bring up a window pointing to the home directory.
#Hrmmm, speaking of the Mac, doesn't it 'remember' what windows you had 
#open upon 'reboots' (couldn't Nautilus do the same, except remember upon 
#start-up/exit). That would be good for people who are totally new and use 
#'gdm' and an runlevel of '5' :)

I believe gnome session handles this.

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