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> #
> #A very good idea, would be to create a temporary area to drag files to.
> #Like "Temp" pane in some of the DOS file managers. That way, the user
> #takes the files he wants to copy/move, drags them to the temp pane, and
> #then, in a different location, he drags them from the temp pane. This
> #also solves the problem of moving 10 files from one dir, to 5 different
> #dirs.
> That's kinda crazy but could be wrong.  You'd have to designate a preset
> location for temporary files. If it's on a separated partition then it'll take > time just to COPY it there temporarily. If I have 600MB of mp3 files then I'm
> screwed.

Actually the temp area would only have to store a reference to the locations of the files that are dragged to it (very much like symbolic links). This could easily be stored in memory, and the only physical files transfer would occur when transferring from the temp to another location. An alternative is the "script" your file transfers graphically or otherwise, and then only have the actual physical transfers happening when you click "go" (argh!) or whatever you want. TO me this sounds like a good idea...



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