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I agree.  In today's high reliability and availability world we need to have the option for error detection or have some mechanism to ensure data integrity with recovery.

I would also be nice to have some stop/resume feature.  This would be handy if you just wanto to stop copying/moving or if you machine or network dies.


> On Sun, 14 May 2000 10:04:51 +0300
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> #"Joshua D. Boyd" wrote:
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> #> On Thu, 11 May 2000, Younger, Kristofer wrote:
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> #> [stuff clipped for conciseness]
> #> > If it's
> #> > cut/paste great, if it's drag-n-drop great, but it should be "the way" and
> #> > the same in almost all cases.
> #> 
> #> I disagree.  Drag-n-drop and copy/paste are both powerful and flexible
> #> methods.  And both methods make sense for all examples of data you list
> #> above.  
> #
> #A very good idea, would be to create a temporary area to drag files to.
> #Like "Temp" pane in some of the DOS file managers. That way, the user
> #takes the files he wants to copy/move, drags them to the temp pane, and
> #then, in a different location, he drags them from the temp pane. This
> #also solves the problem of moving 10 files from one dir, to 5 different
> #dirs.
> That's kinda crazy but could be wrong.  You'd have to designate a preset
> location for temporary files.  If it's on a separated partition then it'll take
> time just to COPY it there temporarily.  If I have 600MB of mp3 files then I'm
> screwed.
> I think COPY and MOVE command (both) are good. Access them Right click, shortcut
> keys, and perhaps LEFT drag would COPY and RIGHT drag would MOVE them or vice
> versa. So if you choose COPY it does just that.  Allows you to choose another
> folder to copy them to.  If you chose MOVE then it moves files to another folder
> (like cut/paste under Windows which is whacked).  So it's very easy to
> understand the concept rather then cutting and pasting.
> Another thing is when moving files in Windows (cutting & pasting) across
> networks and doing a huge transfer of files (say a 1GB+) if the connection is
> lost or whatever sometimes it's hard to recover from where you left off.  So I'd
> say when attempting to MOVE files across the network that it'll either:
> a) when a user chooses MOVE and it's across the NETWORK, INTERNET then COPY the
> files and at the end (when all are copied) have a dialog pop-up stating that all
> files have successfully been copied to the remote location and ask YES/NO if
> they'd like the local files (that were copied to the remote host) to be deleted.
> Not sure if it's possible to check for network transfers...NFS, FTP, SMB.
> b) pop-up saying it's preferred to COPY files but still allow the choice to MOVE
> c) enforce COPY (not allowing MOVE) only when doing it across networks. 
> Think of it like uploading your 3000+ html files via ftp and MOVING them
> (cut/paste) then getting cut off and having to resume from where you left off.
> It's not always practical.  Most might be able to get used to having to COPY
> files between two hosts and then deleting the local files once successfully
> transfered.
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