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On Sun, 14 May 2000 10:04:51 +0300
 "David Tabachnikov (NetHunter)" <captain isdn net il> wrote:
#"Joshua D. Boyd" wrote:
#> On Thu, 11 May 2000, Younger, Kristofer wrote:
#> [stuff clipped for conciseness]
#> > If it's
#> > cut/paste great, if it's drag-n-drop great, but it should be "the way" and
#> > the same in almost all cases.
#> I disagree.  Drag-n-drop and copy/paste are both powerful and flexible
#> methods.  And both methods make sense for all examples of data you list
#> above.  
#A very good idea, would be to create a temporary area to drag files to.
#Like "Temp" pane in some of the DOS file managers. That way, the user
#takes the files he wants to copy/move, drags them to the temp pane, and
#then, in a different location, he drags them from the temp pane. This
#also solves the problem of moving 10 files from one dir, to 5 different

That's kinda crazy but could be wrong.  You'd have to designate a preset
location for temporary files.  If it's on a separated partition then it'll take
time just to COPY it there temporarily.  If I have 600MB of mp3 files then I'm

I think COPY and MOVE command (both) are good. Access them Right click, shortcut
keys, and perhaps LEFT drag would COPY and RIGHT drag would MOVE them or vice
versa. So if you choose COPY it does just that.  Allows you to choose another
folder to copy them to.  If you chose MOVE then it moves files to another folder
(like cut/paste under Windows which is whacked).  So it's very easy to
understand the concept rather then cutting and pasting.

Another thing is when moving files in Windows (cutting & pasting) across
networks and doing a huge transfer of files (say a 1GB+) if the connection is
lost or whatever sometimes it's hard to recover from where you left off.  So I'd
say when attempting to MOVE files across the network that it'll either:

a) when a user chooses MOVE and it's across the NETWORK, INTERNET then COPY the
files and at the end (when all are copied) have a dialog pop-up stating that all
files have successfully been copied to the remote location and ask YES/NO if
they'd like the local files (that were copied to the remote host) to be deleted.
Not sure if it's possible to check for network transfers...NFS, FTP, SMB.
b) pop-up saying it's preferred to COPY files but still allow the choice to MOVE
c) enforce COPY (not allowing MOVE) only when doing it across networks. 

Think of it like uploading your 3000+ html files via ftp and MOVING them
(cut/paste) then getting cut off and having to resume from where you left off.
It's not always practical.  Most might be able to get used to having to COPY
files between two hosts and then deleting the local files once successfully
#Best Regards,
#	David Tabachnikov (NetHunter)

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