Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: Moving and copying files

Three suggestions for file copying/moving:

1. I think that creating another window to do the
whole copying bit would be far less painful if there
were a keyboard shortcut assigned to creating new
windows. I changed gmc so that it would use alt+n to
create a new windows, and it made creating windows to
copy stuff a lot easier. Plus, you get greater
consistency with because programs like netscape, MS
Word, etc. already use a keyboard shortcut to create a
new window/document. 

2. A "Duplicate" command like the mac has. Duplicate
copies an object and pastes it into the same folder as
the first object in a single step. Sounds crazy, but
sometimes it's quite useful. Plus, it works well with
suggestion #3. 

3. Spring-loaded folders. Sort of a "recursive drag
and drop", where the user selects the object(s) and
drags them over a folder and holds the said object(s)
over the folder for a certain amount of time (set by
the user), after which the folder opens and allows the
user to either place the object(s) in that folder or
drag the object(s) to yet another folder inside that
folder. If you hold down the option key before
starting the initial drag, instead of moving the
object(s) to the destination folder, it copies them.
Seriously, spring-loaded folders are a nice addition
to any GUI because they allow the user (just as with
copying/pasting files) to avoid having to create a
second window to do simple file management. And once
you get the hang of it, you can copy lots of files
really quickly.


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