Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: Moving and copying files

Ilan Volow <raskinite yahoo com> writes:

> Three suggestions for file copying/moving:
> 1. I think that creating another window to do the
> whole copying bit would be far less painful if there
> were a keyboard shortcut assigned to creating new
> windows. I changed gmc so that it would use alt+n to
> create a new windows, and it made creating windows to
> copy stuff a lot easier. Plus, you get greater
> consistency with because programs like netscape, MS
> Word, etc. already use a keyboard shortcut to create a
> new window/document. 

Yes, we should have a key binding to do this. We haven't really
thought about key bindings too much. I'll file some bugs.

> 2. A "Duplicate" command like the mac has. Duplicate copies an
> object and pastes it into the same folder as the first object in a
> single step. Sounds crazy, but sometimes it's quite useful. Plus, it
> works well with suggestion #3.

We have it already.

> 3. Spring-loaded folders.

A volunteer was going to do that but it never happened. We would love
if someone contributed this feature.

 - Maciej

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