Re: [Nautilus-list] tree view

I don't think anyone would argue that Nautilus shouldn't have something as
quick and easy to use as cut/copy/paste to move files around (perhaps
cut/copy/paste itself, perhaps some other alternative). We fully intend to
do this work. However, it is not on our schedule for the first release,
simply because there isn't enough time to do all the things we'd like to do
before Nautilus first ships in late summer.

You could argue (and Seth is arguing) that this feature is so important to a
file manager that shipping any version of the file manager without it is a
terrible mistake. We don't currently believe this to be true. Part of our
reasoning is the fact that the Macintosh has never had this feature and its
Finder is generally considered a usable, non-terrible file manager. You're
free to disagree, of course, and we do want to hear people's opinions about
this and other feature tradeoffs so we can continually improve our planning

You can see many details of our plans at, where we keep
not only bug reports but also remaining tasks -- all our planned work.


on 5/11/00 12:06 PM, Younger, Kristofer at kyounger breakthrough-us com

>>>> Not "essential" but strongly expected. Its one of the most popular
>> (and
>>>> effective, IMO) mechanisms for moving & copying files. This is one of
>> the
>>>> primary mechanisms in MacOS, KFM, Windows, and many other common file
>>>> managers. In fact, gmc seems to be one of the few FMs w/o this
>> feature.
>>> Actually, the MacOS has never had this feature.
>> well then that is where macos fails.
>> This feature is handy - and suprisingly intuitive.
>> especially if the user is used to cutting and pasting text from
>> documents.
>> I agree totally with seth, especially if we think at people who > face
> linux
>> for the first time,  and want to be productive in  a few minutes.
> Yeah, but nautilus ought to have one, well-considered, unified and plain
> notion on how to move these things around, be it text, HTML, gfx, files,
> URLs, email and all the other 'stuff' a user will keep track of. If it's
> cut/paste great, if it's drag-n-drop great, but it should be "the way" and
> the same in almost all cases.
> of course, it's possible that nautilus users and eazel users are two
> entirely different groups of people and therefore divergence is
> appropriate...
> Kristofer

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