Re: [Nautilus-list] tree view

> Copy/Paste files is "essential"? That seems a strange view to me.

Not "essential" but strongly expected. Its one of the most popular (and
effective, IMO) mechanisms for moving & copying files. This is one of the
primary mechanisms in MacOS, KFM, Windows, and many other common file
managers. In fact, gmc seems to be one of the few FMs w/o this feature.

1) Drag and Drop has limited applicability when moving between dispartate
parts of the file tree (and opening a 2nd window is *not* a very good
solution - significantly greater hassle). Drag and Drop provides good
in-context support for copy/move, but don't carry a good thing too far.

2) GMC's "Copy..." mechanism is pretty irritating. There's a usability
cost every time you have to open a seperate window - users are forced to
go through a small context switch. In the long term I've also found this
approach cumbersome (ie it doesn't seem faster once you are "used" to it).

If only because Eazel seems to want to target new Linux converts this is a
"must-have" sort of feature. I haven't used Windows for years and I
*still* use this mechanism when I'm put in front of a Windows box. My
roommates use it all the time. This is a much desired basic.


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