Re: [Nautilus-list] Please add an XML namespace to Nautilus metadata serialization

> Could you add a namespace to nautilus metadata ?
> When I briefly looked during Andy presentation at Guadec, this was missing
> This is as simple as adding an
> xmlns="";
> or
> xmlns="";
> attribute on the top element.
> The URL don't really need to be retrievable, but it should be anchored
> into an available Web space. I suggest to keep a version number and a
> / at the end of the URL.
> Even if you don't use it now, this can have serious impact on reusability
> of such informations, I suggest to add it, it's cheap, won't burden you
> but can make a serious difference in the long term.

We will definitely consider change. Ian McKellar may be changing the
implementation of metadata, and he mentioned the XML namespace.

But I really wish you had said something specific (anything) about what
"serious difference in the long term" this will make. I believe you that it
would help, but I'd like to understand *how* so that I will know know the
importance of making this (admittedly easy and cheap) change.

    -- Darin

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