[Nautilus-list] Re: gnome-mime list API -- needed?

> I need to decide whether to move these new calls into gnome-vfs, but I can't
> decide without understanding their purpose. Does any code use them now? Are
> they intended for GMC (in which case gnome-vfs probably doesn't need them)
> or for some other code?

No code is usint ghem.

> Dan Hensley is listed as the author, but the cvs checkin comments don't give
> an email address for him. I can't find a ChangeLog entry for these API
> additions. I found Dan's email address using google.com; I hope it's still
> current.

I was unaware of this code even having been checked.  Maybe it was
extremely trivial, or maybe it was commited without the gnome-hackers
approval.  In any case, no application on the CVS could have been
using these routines, as gnome-libs HEAD has never seen the light of
day, and no application can depend on its features.

Feel free to ignore those routines.


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