Re: [Nautilus-list] gnome-mime list API -- needed?

John Sullivan <sullivan eazel com> writes:

> I'm starting to follow the plan to move the MIME-handling functionality out
> of gnome-libs and into gnome-vfs. (The plan is in the attached document, if
> you need refreshing.) I'm on step 1 "Copy the gnome-mime code to gnome-vfs".
> I started with the gnome-libs branch that Nautilus is using --
> gnome-libs-1-0. Then I realized I should check against HEAD to see if bug
> fixes and such have crept into the MIME-handling code in the meantime. I
> found that there are several new API calls relating to getting lists of mime
> types for individual files, such as gnome-mime-type-list () and
> gnome-mime-type-list-or-default ().

I don't understand this thing about mime type lists. Does this mean a
single file can have multiple associated mime types now? That kind of
breaks the assumptions I've been working under for all this activation

 - Maciej

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