Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus copies of help tools

> > According to Jirka, the only change he made in the gnome-core version
> > changing a free to a g_free or something like that. This really isn't a
> big
> > issue, but in the future, anybody who wants to fix a bug in
> > 'gnome-info2html' or 'gnome-man2html' in gnome-core should also look for
> the
> > same bug and fix it in the Nautilus branch.
> I made the output look pretty.
> Okay, I added an <hr> and made the background white.
> And an <ol> somewhere too.

If I recall correctly, the nautilus stuff already had a white background. If
you would like to go into the code and do some beautification or something
(or see if your other changes are in there) that would be nice. I'm not
going to 'mess' with these tools anytime soon, unless I find any bugs (what
is there, works). So anybody wishing to contribute 'beautification' voodoo,
please do :)


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