Re: [Muine] [UI CHANGES 5/6] Right click context menu for playlist (ML post from Iain)

On 3/19/06, Jorn Baayen <jorn openedhand com> wrote:
> I'm inclined to vote against this.
> Muine has been designed to work with one-button mice, and if plugin
> authors can somehow be forced to respect this through not providing a
> context menu API, then I'm all for it.

Since any action that would be added to the context menu would be a
per-song action, why not force anything that is added to the context
menu to be added to the Song menu as well to preserve one-button mice
usability? It could end up cluttering the Song menu, but anyone who
installs enough plugins to do that obviously wants Muine to have that
much functionality, and I doubt there's any simpler way to pull that

Niran Babalola

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