Re: Q4 2009 report

Hi Steve,

Steve Sakoman wrote:
> I'll start running the gtkperf and the Cairo tests each release.
> Here's a preview of gtkperf for the upcoming release (Gnome 2.28,
> Linux 2.6.32):

Great! Thanks.

Do you have any suggestions for useful baselining of performance?
Running these figures over time will tell us if one component gets
slower, but it won't tell us which components are slow already, compared
to (say) relative performance on x86.

So the GtkComboBox tests took ~29 times the GtkEntry tests on ARM - if
they only take 6 times the tests on x86, we know that either there's a
huge speed-up on GtkEntry or a slow-down on GtkComboBox. Would that be a
useful thing to look for?

For reference, I found this gtkperf run on an xorg list:

Comparing your results and those, GtkSpinButton and GtkToggleButton
appear between 25%  and 33% slower, GtkTextView is about 35% slower, and
GtkDrawingArea is 30% slower for circles. Funny enough, GtkDrawingArea
is faster relative for lines and pixbufs.

Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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