Re: Talk for OSiM Asia

Hi Stormy,

2008/11/6 Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org>:
> How about this?
> GNOME Mobile: Open source enabling collaboration and competition
> Still a bit catchy but it might make a point. (I was surprised at OSiM World
> how many people in the audience didn't know much at all about open source
> software.)

If I were pedantic ... I'd suggest "Open Source enabling collaboration
and innovation". I see OS as a good way to reduce competition (in
favour of "co-opetition"), rather than enabling competion. When you
have good software commons solutions, it's typically better to evolve
and innovate on the commons rather than to set up competing solutions
and hope for survival of the fittest, no?

(Unless of course you mean enabling GNOME Mobile to compete with
proprietary solutions, in which case I totally agree!)

asavory apache org / contact andrewsavory com

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