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On Wed, 2008-11-05 at 16:25 -0700, ext Stormy Peters wrote:
> I have a speaking slot at OSiM Asia 2009 in May in Hong Kong.
> They want a title with some bullets for the brochure now.
> Here's what I'm proposing:
> GNOME Mobile: Open source enabling collaboration and faster time to
> market.
> - How existing desktop technologies can provide fundamental building
> blocks for mobile technologies.
> - How organizations can collaborate and still compete.
> - How the mobile industry and the open source community can work
> together.

All very important points!

About the title,

Isn't "faster time to market" a bit too catchy? Each new technology
brings "faster time to market" since years, does it still have any
sense? Also the points do not really cover a potential time benefit.

There is certainly a win in sharing R&D and maintenance efforts for
common blocks, on the other hand having a public and collaborative
process has a cost too. Also common blocks are just a part of a product
creation, a significant amount of time is spent on formalising needs,
putting pieces together and later polishing. From another angle, as a
manufacturer, if I buy a Windows mobile license (for example), how GNOME
Mobile is faster?

It is unclear to me that the differentiation is on the time to market.

I would emphasis more on the collaboration on common building blocks
(which is what your bullet points are about), the shared maintenance
burden, and/or the fun to collaborate with the GNOME people, a lively
skillful community.

But after all, maybe that's what the OSiM audience wants to hear.


> Comments welcome.
> Stormy
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