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On Wed, 2007-05-23 at 16:48 +0700, Allen Wang wrote:
> Hey, Philip,
> Thanks very much for your help.
> So mobile platform based on gnome already exists and is even mature
> like maemo. The main goal of GMAE is to standardize the
> functionalities of components and the interfaces between them so that
> they can work smoothly. 
> The standardization work should be based on existing platform like GPE
> or Maemo.  am I right ?
> My other question is, 
> How to become a developer to contribute to this project?  GMAE have
> already selected teams and developers or you are still recruiting
> resource ?  Thanks again.

The best way is to join one or more of the project's mailing lists, talk
with people about your intentions with the software, start providing

Another excellent way to get started is to visit a conference like
GUADEC. You'll meet the the 'dudes' who actually did all that fancy
software in GNOME, including the ones who work on embedded and mobile

You'll also meetup with people of some very interesting companies.
Including Nokia, indeed.

> Hey Allen,
> As a currently available solution to putting a GNOME environment on a
> mobile device you could already take a look at GPE or Maemo. Both
> provide you with sufficient tools to customise them in such a way that
> they can easily be deployed on a wide range of mobile devices (once
> you
> have a kernel and for example KDrive running on it).
> Although the Maemo distribution, right now, has a strong emphasis on
> the
> Nokia products (the 770 and the N800), it consists of a lot of the
> exact
> same components as for example ... GPE.
> The GMAE initiative, though, is getting different teams and people
> together to create the necessary synergy to get all the different
> components working cooperatively together. This is happening right
> now,
> indeed.
> On one mobile device (instance) having competing components is usually
> very uninteresting (on performance, on memory utilisation and on the
> final UI experience. All of those depending on the component, of
> course)
> ps. Although competition is very interesting and very needed in our
> communities to achieve getting better than what other solutions offer,
> I
> believe the answer for competitors is to nevertheless cooperate on
> standardisation (for example via. and compete with
> each
> other on implementation (if there is actual competition).
> GMAE will indeed help you with knowing which components are
> recommended
> and are compatible with which other component. Eventually it might
> also
> cause some sort of standard set of components and mark specific
> component's versions that identifies a distribution like GPE, Maemo,
> Hiker, OLPC's Sugar, etc as "a typical GMAE one".
> On Wed, 2007-05-23 at 00:43 +0800, allen_mail wrote:
> > Hi, Adilson / Naveen, 
> >  
> > I have the same question about this project as yours, I joined this
> > maillist and don't know how to move ahead now. Let me introduce
> myself
> > also.
> >  
> > I am Allen from Motorola, working on LinuxJava Platform project.
> > Several monthes ago,I was very curious about what would it be if we
> > transplant gnome to mobile phones. Then I did some trying but
> > eventually I gave up. It is really a big work for myself to do
> this. 
> >  
> > I am very excited with the news that gnome will develop gnome mobile
> > platform, I joined this mailist immediately. I have mobile device
> > developing experience, hopefully I can bring in my effort to this
> > project.
> >  
> > But I don't know where to go now, can anyone help give us some brief
> > description about the progress/achievements and the plan ? Is there
> > anything we can help ? Thanks very much.
> >  
> > Regards,
> > Allen
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