Re: Question about the performance of gtk+ in neo1973 mobile phone

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Daniel Amelang schreef:
> On 5/21/07, Koen Kooi <koen dominion kabel utwente nl> wrote:
>> falls huang schreef:
>> > Hello All !
>> >
>> >     I received a neo1973 mobile phone last week, its Operation
>> System is
>> > linux/openmoko , CPU: s3c2410 , arm920t, 266M HZ. But I found when I
>> > start an application, the speed is very slow than windows
>> > mobile/symbian. Has anyone tuned the performance of GTK+ in neo1973?
>> >
>> > btw: openmoko is a free mobile phone operating system based on
>> > gtk+/linux ---> <>
>> You can make it faster (but still slow) by using gtk 2.10.12 + a cairo
>> with surface cache
>> and workqueue support (1.4.7). To make it useable you'll have to
>> disable the pixmap-heavy
>> theme it uses.
> I think you mean "pixbuf-heavy" theme, right (not pixmap)?
> If slow pixbuf rendering were a problem, you may be interested in a
> patch I submitted recently to xorg that speeded up pixbuf rendering on
> R5G6B5 framebuffers by 3.4x :
> That speedup was measured on a N800, but the neo1973 should see
> similar improvement.

I gave the testapp and patch a spin:

ipaq hx4700:

unpatched Xw100:  6.04 FPS
patched Xw100:    6.04 FPS
unpatched Xfbdev: 6.04 FPS
patched Xfbdev:   6.04 FPS

ipaq h2200:

unpatched Xfbdev: 4.18 FPS
patched Xfbdev:   4.17 FPS

Any clues why the patch doesn't seem to have an effect?



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