Re: [mlview-list]Little patch

Selon Dodji Seketeli <dodji seketeli org>:

> Hi Nicolas,
> > Here is just a little patch I wrote to correct some little bugs in mlview
> CVS :
> > the command line parsing which was disabled after Dodji's update with
> > gnome_program_init (), and the toolbar with no icons wich displayed nothing
> (see
> > the screenshot right down) for those who have "Icons only" in their
> > gnome-ui-properties (see the attached .diff).
> The patch is applied and commited in CVS.


> > I'm also trying to improve mlview's GUI ; you can see some of my
> experiments on
> > this screenshot : 
> > 
> >
> :) I am glad to see someone trying to put his hands in the current
> editing view :)
> Well, I was about re-thinking the layout of the
> this tree editing view ... a bit like what you have done.

I think we can have several types of trees (the one with entire XML tags, the one 
I coded with icons, etc.) like Conglomerate does (and syntaxic coloration in
tags, and other beautiful things, who just need to be coded :-)

What's your opinion ? (and we also need yours, users reading this message on the
mailing list !)

> What do you think about having the tree editor alone on the left ?
> I mean, without the feasible elements panel at the bottom left.
> The feasible elements panel would then be on the right, below the
> node editor. That would give more space to edit "big" documents ...

The editor can be reorganized a little bit, I think the two text boxes and the
buttons aren't needed. The treeview is imho all we need ton make an editor (and
maybe a right-click popup menu ?).

> Oh, something else; at this point, I think we will be in the need
> for some icons. Is someone good at artwork or does someone know how we
> could get some icons for the different types of xml nodes ?
> I was talking with Dave Malcolm a couple of days ago about our sharing
> of icons between Conglomerate and MlView ... maybe he could tell us
> a bit more about this ?

I agree, we need artwork. We also need users and particularly people who have
precise opinions about what is a good GUI :-)

> Anyway, thank you very much for what you have done already.

Quite nothing, some lines of code :-)

Nicolas Centa (HappyPeng)

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