MK wrote:
I'm developing an openGL application and am having some trouble setting the window fullscreen.   Attached is the code I am using; the most relevent function is fullscreenEWMH(), which is about 45 lines.

I worked that out using a small test program allowing me to name a window and fullscreen it.  It works on the openGL window, altho XSendEvent() returns Bad Request.   Integrated into the main program itself, it returns Bad Request and does not work.   I have tried various event masks with this as I am unsure what would be correct.

I was hoping someone could point me to a solution that will work to at least remove the window decoration on metacity, preferably using EWMH.  Resizing isn't a problem.

  long mask = 0;
  ...[3] = 1;
  if(!XSendEvent(disp, XDefaultRootWindow(disp), False, mask, &event))
    fprintf(stderr, "Couldn't get fullscreen\n");

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