How to access workspaces > 12, with keyboard shortcuts?


If this is not the appropriate place to pose this question, please direct me to the proper list.

My question is similar to the question posed in bug number 123180:

My goal is to be able to configure a keyboard shortcut for all of my workspaces so that I can switch to them. I have been successful in configuring keyboard shortcuts for workspaces 1 through 12. I have not been able to accomplish this for my other workspaces (13-24).

Within the 'gnome-keybinding-properties' application, I see options for 'Switch to workspace 1' through 'Switch to workspace 12', which led me to the bug listed above.

I have not been able to use gconf-editor to create functioning shortcuts as prescribed in the bug resolution.

I'm using the following versions of software:

Debian Unstable
Metacity version (1:)2.22.0(-2)
gconf-editor 2.22.0(-1)
gnome-control-center (1:)

I've tried the following:

   Found the 'Workspace Switcher' applet on my gnome bar
      Right clicked on it and selected Preferences
      Selected 'Show all Workspaces in 3 rows'
      Set: 'Number of Workpaces: 24'

   Opened gnome-keybinding-properties (Under my normal user account)
Found the shortcut for 'Switch to workspace 12' and set it to 'Alt+F12' I verified that I could switch to workspace number 12 with that key combination
      I disabled the shortcut for 'Switch to workspace 12'

   Opened gconf-editor (Under my normal user account)
      Drilled down to '/apps/metacity/global_keybindings/'
Created a key of '/apps/metacity/global_keybindings/switch_to_workspace_13' with type 'String' Set it 'Alt+F12', closed gconf-editor and tried the key combination - which did not work I reopened gconf-editor and set the string for 'switch_to_workspace_13' to '<Alt>F12' I closed gconf-editor and attempted to use the key combination, which also did not work

I restarted my gnome session (ctrl-alt-backspace and relogged in), which also did not allow me to switch to workspace 13

Could someone verify if I am configuring this the wrong way, or if this is a bug?

Thank You,
- Dan White

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