Patch: new "byclient" theme directive

Hi all

The attached patch adds a new "byclient" colour directive, allowing a
metacity theme to automatically determine colours based upon the
hostname that a window is running from. The hostname
(window->wm_client_machine) is hashed and a HLS colour is determined
from that hash. This idea was shamelessly stolen from monotone-viz, a
Gtk UI for the monotone version control system.

The syntax of the new directive is:

The fallback is used if the window's hostname cannot be determined, or
is equal to the hostname on which metacity is running. This allows
windows to look as normal unless they are being run from a remote X
server. The hue, luminance and saturation values are scalars in the
range [0,1]. This allows the determined HLS colour to be modified -
for example, to scale the luminance down on an unfocussed window.

A complete example:
<draw_ops name="title_background_unfocused">
        <gradient type="vertical" x="0" y="1" width="width"
height="top_height / 2">
                <color value="shade/byclient,1,.8,1,gtk:bg[NORMAL]/1.05"/>
                <color value="shade/byclient,1,.8,1,gtk:bg[NORMAL]/1.0"/>
        <gradient type="vertical" x="0" y="top_height / 2"
width="width" height="top_height / 2">
                <color value="shade/byclient,1,.8,1,gtk:bg[NORMAL]/0.99"/>
                <color value="shade/byclient,1,.8,1,gtk:bg[NORMAL]/1.0"/>

        <line color="shade/byclient,1,.8,1,gtk:bg[NORMAL]/0.45" x1="0"
y1="0" x2="width" y2="0"/>
        <line color="shade/byclient,1,.8,1,gtk:bg[NORMAL]/1.3" x1="0"
y1="1" x2="width" y2="1"/>

This is from Ubuntu's Human theme, converted over to make use of byclient.

Most of the patch is devoted to adding a new render context structure,
and passing it around inside of the theme rendering code. This
structure includes the window which is being rendered, allowing
metacity's theming code to make use of information about the current

Feedback would be great. This feature is very useful in environments
where remote X forwarded windows are used a lot. Even if the byclient
feature isn't considered suitable for inclusion, the changes to pass
around the current window are useful and might allow for other
interesting extensions.

The attached patch is against latest metacity trunk.


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