Re: Change Close Icon for Unsaved Work

I think this is a good idea, and have also seen this behaviour in OS X. However, this feature would require implementation in Metacity (the application that draws the borders on windows).

After that, it would then need to be implemented in any program that would want to support it. Generally the best thing for GNOME applications would be to have an additional API to be added to GTK+ library.

Finally, the themes need to be updated to provide the new icon.

I think the correct place to start is the Metacity mailing list, so I have copied this reply to them.


Leon Stringer wrote:

This isn't exactly a theme issue, but I'm not sure
where to post this.

I wondered if anyone had ever proposed changing the
close icon ('X')
when a document is modified and unsaved.

Applications on the Mac do this, the X becomes a
circle indicating that
when you click it you will be prompted to confirm the
close or save your

Has this been proposed in GNOME before?

A number of applications use an asterisk to indicate
unsaved work (OOo
on the status bar, gEdit on the caption bar) so I
thought changing the X
to a simple 5-point asterisk might work?

Obviously this would require changes to themes and
some API
functionality behind the scenes.

Is there a better place to suggest this?

If anyone is interested, I've done a simple mockup in
As I had to do the widgets myself they're crude (the
asterisk looks more
like a stick man). Type some text, the close gadget
changes. Press
Ctrl+S to "save" it, it changes back. Click "Close"
when it's an 'X' and

the window closes. Click "Close" when it's an '*' and
you get a prompt.,
run it with
"java -cp CloseTest.jar CloseTest" (Sun VM's 1.5 or

I think this would give a clear, consistent indication
of a document's
modified state at a glance, e.g. so a user could
quickly see they should save their document when leaving their desk.

Good idea or bad idea?


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