Global keybindings and keyboard focus

Note to moderator: I was not sure where to send this to, as I could not
find a list for people developing apps with Metacity in mind. If there
were a better place for me to email or post this question, please let me

I'd like to know if there is a way to assign certain keystrokes to the
keyboard focus of a program not currently in focus. For example, if I
were using Tilda (I didn't write Tilda), and I assign F1 so that it
drops down the terminal, the F1 keystroke should have been a part of
Tilda's keyboard focus, and as such, anything I type after that should
go into the Tilda terminal and not whatever it was I was doing.

I've read that Metacity figures out the keyboard focus based on when the
 keyboard focus was last on a program. The most recent one is the one
that retains focus. If I had set Tilda to wakeup on F1, however,
wouldn't it make more sense that the F1 keystroke would make Tilda the
most recently focused window?


Ho-Sheng Hsiao
Isshen, LLC

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