Re: [PATCH] Add XACE-SELinux security label to titlebar

James Carter wrote:
On Sun, 2007-12-09 at 00:14 -0500, Matthias Clasen wrote:
On Dec 6, 2007 2:43 PM, James Carter <jwcart2 tycho nsa gov> wrote:
This patch displays the security label of a window (as provided by the
SELinux extension to XACE*) in the titlebar.  At this point, the goal
isn't to provide a trusted label that can't be spoofed.
My apologies to Ted Toth.  I forgot to mention that my patch is based on
an earlier patch that he had sent me.  I should have cc'd him as well.
Sorry, Ted.

Are you aware that there is already a patch for selinux labeling in
bugzilla ? The bug is Maybe comparing with
that might lead to further improvements.

No, I wasn't; I'll take a look at it.  Thanks.

That's ok. However let's work together to have a single patch that satisfies both our needs.


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