improve minimize animation #102175

Hi! On bug #102175 I have a half-finished work in progress patch which
implements a minimize and an unminimize animation using the windows
title frame instead of the black rectangle, like kwin and windows
does. Is that work still useful to Metacity? I don't know anymore
since much eye-candy is supposed to be availible Real Soon Now (TM)
using OpenGL and the composite extension.

If it is useful, I like to finish the patch. But then I need someone
to help me with how you are supposed to get an image of the windows
titlebar. Just like the code for opaque animations in effects.c, my
patch takes a snapshot of a part of the screen to animate with.
Problem is that if the titlebar is occluded snapshotting doesn't work.
I wonder if there is a way to get Metacity to render the titlebar into
a GdkPixbuf? If so, the patch would be easy to complete.

mvh Björn

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