Re: Helping out (again)

On 3/20/06, Thomas Thurman <thomas thurman org uk> wrote:
> Thanks for the list of bugs, Elijah. I've gone through and worked on
> most of the ones you listed. Are there others that it would be good for
> me to work on, or should I just lurk and wait for new ones to come in
> that I think I can fix?

I'd probably suggest lurking and waiting for things to come in. 
Mostly because I don't have any particular list, and they take a while
to generate.  Last time you asked at a pretty good time, as there had
been a number of good starting tasks that were just building up, but
now you've cleaned them (and a few more advanced ones) out already. 

> > As for larger targetted stuff, there are lots of areas that you could
> > work on: drag & drop (involves more work on the gtk+ side), fixing
> > theme issues, focus issues, keybindings, compositor stuff, constraints
> > problems.  Let me know if any of those areas sound interesting to you
> > and I'll try to point you in the right direction.
> Keybindings sound like something I could work on, because I've done
> something with them in fixing the other bugs.

Sorry for being so lame at patch review.  I'm having a much harder
time catching up than I expected...

> Theme issues sound
> interesting, but I figure we have to fix all the theme problems in one
> go because of the theme files being backwardly compatible. Either of
> those would be good, though. Can you point me in the right direction?

I think you've actually gained a good amount of familiarity with the
code already with the many patches you've contributed, so I really
don't have much to add for pointers for these, other than that is a good place to
look for keybinding bugs (and maybe check that our copy-and-pasted
code from libegg for handling special keysyms and such is up to
date--it probably isn't), and bug 102547 is supposed to be a good one
about theme bugs but I also have a little list somewhere else showing
bug 97703, bug 315910, bug 317382, and bug 321474 which you might find

Thanks for all the help!


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