Re: Gtk::window.present() doesn't always present

2006/7/13, Elijah Newren <newren gmail com>:
On 7/12/06, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> wrote:
> > Our gui consists of several modular gtkmm programs communicating through
> an ipc message queue. All programs start without showing any window.
> They can send a message to each other to present themselves to the user
> when necessary.
> >
> > The first time they present a window it works fine. But after they've
> hide and later want to show themselves again the window doesn't popup.
> Actually, they do popup but only after I click with the mouse, anywhere
> on the screen.
> >
> > I've googled around and found a few hints, like the window manager only
> wants to popup windows the user explicitly asked for with a mouse click,
> to prevent stealing focus from other windows. Probably this is why there
> exists a function present with time stamp...  I tried to kill the window
> manager but this doesn't make any difference.
> >
> > If anybody could help me out, even with some hints to search for, I
> would be very thankful.
> I guess you are using the metacity window manager, like most GNOME
> installations.
> I have CCed the metacity mailing list so they can give you some help with
> this. (Resent with the correct address)

There's very little information about the use case here, making it
hard to know what to say.  Could you provide more info about it, and
what causes these windows to appear (that is, what events occur to
make you decide to show the windows)?  Also, it'd help if you
specified what steps you've taken to try to get the behavior you want.
I wouldn't have guessed Gtk:: window.present() was at all related from
reading the email, but it does appear on the subject line.  It'd be
interesting to know how/when/where you are calling that function as

I think the question from Harm really is about how you can show a window without an event (or atleast with an event from an external process), and I have been wondering the same thing too (if it is at all possible).  As I read it he wants to present a window when something is received through an IPC message queue.  - In my world this is isomorphic to "how do I present a window from a dbus callback?"

Admittedly I have not tried sending the the event.time via dbus to the application which should do the window presenting (which then could do a present_with_time with the given timestamp). Does this have any chance of working?


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