Re: Gtk::window.present() doesn't always present

> Hello everybody,
> I tried to describe my problem as short as I could...
> I'm writing a gui for our orbital welding machine which my company is
building. Everything went really well but now I'm stuck.
> Our gui consists of several modular gtkmm programs communicating through
an ipc message queue. All programs start without showing any window.
They can send a message to each other to present themselves to the user
when necessary.
> The first time they present a window it works fine. But after they've
hide and later want to show themselves again the window doesn't popup.
Actually, they do popup but only after I click with the mouse, anywhere
on the screen.
> I've googled around and found a few hints, like the window manager only
wants to popup windows the user explicitly asked for with a mouse click,
to prevent stealing focus from other windows. Probably this is why there
exists a function present with time stamp...  I tried to kill the window
manager but this doesn't make any difference.
> If anybody could help me out, even with some hints to search for, I
would be very thankful.

I guess you are using the metacity window manager, like most GNOME

I have CCed the metacity mailing list so they can give you some help with
this. (Resent with the correct address)

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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